Dental Fillings in Denver, CO

Are you experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity? The chances that you may need a dental filling to resolve a cavity are high. Luckily, our team at Vero Dental can quickly and painlessly apply a dental filling to your teeth to help keep your smile healthy. To learn more or schedule a visit with our team, please reach out to our dentist in Denver about dental fillings.

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    What is a tooth filling?

    A tooth filling can restore a tooth, or teeth, damaged by decay back to their original appearance and function. A tooth filling can get applied to the front or back teeth. The severity of the tooth filling can help determine which dental filling material is best to use. In most cases, tooth-colored composite resin can provide strong durability for small or mid-sized situations. Composite fillings are a popular option when a patient wants the restoration of their teeth to look as natural as possible.

    Do dental fillings hurt?

    A dental filling does not hurt as we use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Our dentist will drill through the enamel to remove the decay and shape the tooth for the filling material. The dental filling material will harden, usually with the help of a special light, to make the dental filling strong, and then our dentist will polish the tooth for comfort. After the numbing wears off, you may feel some sensitivity but, these symptoms won’t last long. If sensitivity continues to last for a while after, it may be possible you need a root canal instead.

    How much does a dental filling cost?

    There are different types of dental fillings, which can impact the dental filling cost. However, a dental filling can last about ten years or more with the proper care and placement. This longevity makes the dental filling cost worth it. If you would like to learn more about a dental filling cost or have been looking for Denver dental fillings, visit our financial page or give our friendly office a call!

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