Custom Veneers in Denver, CO

Veneers are ultra-thin shells made of a strong porcelain material that is designed to mimic the appearance of beautiful yet natural-looking teeth. Want to see how veneers will work with your smile? Schedule a consultation with our office today, and we will be happy to go over what it is you want to change about the appearance of your teeth and how we can help you get there!


What is the process for receiving veneers?

Our team will work with you to determine what your dream smile looks like and begin designing your treatment plan. Your teeth will need to be prepared for veneers, which involves removing a small amount of enamel from the front of the teeth so that your veneers do not look bulky or unnatural. We will then take impressions of your teeth that will be used to create your permanent porcelain veneers and place some temporary veneers in the meantime. The follow-up visit involves removing the temporary veneers, placing the real ones, and ensuring that you adore your new smile!

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Are veneers restorative or cosmetic?

Dental veneers can be used for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. If a patient has one or two front teeth that have become damaged or look discolored or misshapen, veneers can be placed on these teeth to protect them and restore their appearance. Veneers can also be placed on the front teeth to provide the patient with a complete smile makeover. Patients who want to achieve that “Hollywood smile” pick veneers over other cosmetic options because they can instantly make the teeth appear straighter, whiter, and more uniform.

Are veneers expensive?

Veneers are more of an investment than teeth whitening or dental bonding, but they also last much longer. Our office accepts FSAs and HSAs, which can help patients save for services like porcelain veneers while also reducing their taxable income. We also accept payment plans through CareCredit® and Lending Club, two excellent third-party options that can be used to cover the cost of veneers and other services. For more financial information, questions, or concerns, we recommend contacting our office.