Gentle Dentistry for Children in Denver, CO

If you’ve been searching for a family dentist in Denver that offers dentistry for kids and adults alike, look no further than Vero Dental! Our team loves working with patients of all ages, and our kid-friendly dentists are well-equipped to handle the unique needs of babies, children, and teenagers. We also know how busy life with kids can get, which is why we offer family block appointments so that everyone in your household can have all of their routine dental care taken care of at the same time. To schedule an appointment with our team, please call our office or use our virtual contact form.

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    When should my child begin going to the dentist?

    The American Dental Association recommends that children begin visiting the family dentist regularly once they turn one or around the time when their first tooth grows in, whichever happens first. This might seem early, especially if your child only has one tooth, but it’s important that they have their teeth and gums checked out by a dental professional to ensure that there aren’t any issues that need to be treated. Don’t worry if your child is over a year old and hasn’t been to the dentist yet— we will be happy to see them at their first appointment with us.

    What kid-friendly services does a family dentist provide?

    We recommend children visit the dentist at least twice per year for routine cleanings and exams just like adults. We also offer fluoride treatments, which strengthen tooth enamel, and dental sealants, which keep harmful bacteria from building up in the crevices of the molars. Both treatments are safe, highly recommended for children, and provide extra protection against tooth decay. For teens and young adults, Vero Dental offers wisdom teeth removal, a service that is usually performed during a patients’ late teens or early twenties if their wisdom teeth grow in incorrectly.

    How can I ease my child’s fear of the dentist?

    Dental anxiety is very common, especially for children. For starters, we recommend visiting a kid-friendly dentist that provides gentle dentistry for children. Talk to your child about the importance of dental care for kids and why going to the dentist is necessary (our team would be happy to talk with them as well). Be sure to speak about dentistry positively and avoid using words like “hurt,” “shot,” or “needle.” For kids with moderate to severe dental anxiety, Vero Dental offers nitrous oxide sedation, which can help relieve anxious thoughts and put a child in a more relaxed state during their appointment.