Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Denver

You deserve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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What Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Fix

With full-mouth reconstruction, we perform a carefully selected combination of dental treatments to improve the function, enhance the health, and boost the beauty of someone’s smile. For example, dental crowns, dental implants, tooth extractions, and veneers are commonly used. This type of mouth reconstruction dentistry is beneficial for those who have more complex dental conditions like multiple missing teeth, severe decay, or seriously broken teeth. Essentially, we help patients “reconstruct” or rebuild their teeth.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction Process

The first step in the full-mouth reconstruction process is to come by our Denver dental office for an in-person consultation. Our expert team will sit down with you to figure out what issues you’re dealing with, what your smile goals are, and what treatments we recommend. To help build our treatment plan, we’ll perform a thorough examination and take any necessary X-rays. The more information we have, the better we can tailor our care to your unique needs!

Are you ready to have your life transformed for the better with full-mouth reconstruction? Contact Vero Dental today and we’ll set you up with a time and date to visit our practice and meet with our dentists.

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Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

How long does mouth reconstruction take?

Since full-mouth reconstruction involves complex planning and multiple procedures, you’ll most likely need to come in for several visits to complete the entire treatment plan. Exactly how long mouth reconstruction takes very much varies from patient to patient, because everyone requires a different assortment of treatments. Many cases take a few months up to a year.

Is full-mouth reconstruction expensive?

There’s so much variety between mouth reconstruction cases and between patients’ insurance coverage that it’s impossible to give a set price. That being said, you will always get a cost estimate before any treatment begins so you can avoid sticker shock.

At Vero Dental, we accept dental insurance, offer our own in-house dental savers plan, and work with third-party financing options. We hope that our selection of financial options make it easier for you to get the care you need.

Is mouth reconstruction painful?

Patient comfort is always one of our top priorities at Vero Dental. Undergoing mouth reconstruction should not be painful because we use safe, effective anesthetic to keep you from feeling discomfort while we work. It’s normal to experience a little bit of soreness after the procedure is complete and the anesthetic wears off, but this eases up over time and can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.