Dental Cleanings, Exams, & X-rays in Denver, CO

Stay ahead of the curve with routine dental cleanings and exams! Keeping your X-rays and cleanings up-to-date allows your dentist to ensure your smile is always in top form. Staying on top of your oral care at home is great, but we always encourage patients to come in and see us. We’ll be able to check for and correct early signs of decay and disease so you can always have a comfortable, confident smile! Call us today to schedule your appointment.


What’s included in a regular dental check-up?

Your check-up is often done through the combined efforts of your dental hygienist and dentist. You’ll receive:

  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
  • X-rays (we’ll go over them and explain them too)
  • Examination of your neck, gums, teeth, and soft palette
  • Recommendations for additional work & a discussion of your overall oral health and habits.
woman at the dentist

How often should I get dental cleanings and examinations?

We recommend cleanings every six months for patients with healthy teeth. You may require more frequent visits if you haven’t seen us in a while or are suffering from gingivitis or tooth decay.

What role do fluoride and sealants play in preventive dentistry?

Fluoride and sealants are both preventive services that work to prevent tooth decay. These are applied to your tooth’s surface to help remineralize enamel in its early stages of decay as well as make it harder for further bacteria to compromise the integrity of your teeth.

Is preventive dentistry covered by dental insurance?

Yes! Preventive services are often covered by insurance. If you have questions about your specific insurance, you can always give us a call.