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The Cost-Efficiency of Preventive Dental Care

March 5, 2024 8:30 pm

While going to the dentist when you’re experiencing discomfort or pain is the right thing to do, you could save yourself time, pain and money with regular, preventive treatments at the dentist’s office. Here’s how you could be leaving money on the table.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Routine dental check-ups may seem like an added expense, but they are essential for early detection and prevention of dental issues. By identifying problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer in their early stages, preventive dental visits help avoid costly and extensive treatments down the road.

Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if left untreated. The average patient usually only needs 2-3 cleanings per year, which can save hundreds, if not thousands, by preventing more expensive procedures like fillings, crowns, and implants.

Fluoride Treatments

Much like your doctor can help you find foods and medicines to help prevent illness and disease, your dentist can administer preventive procedures to protect your oral health. Fluoride treatments help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay, so you don’t have to pay for restorative treatments later.

Dental Sealants

The ridged surfaces of molars make them more prone to cavities and gum disease. Dental sealants are thin coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of molars to prevent decay.

Masterful Preventive Dentistry in Denver, CO

While preventive dental treatments may involve some upfront costs, they are highly cost-efficient in the long term. Investing in preventive care helps maintain oral health and reduces the need for more invasive and expensive treatments in the future.

For expert preventive care that fits your budget, give Vero Dental a call today! We are more than happy to walk you through the potential costs and procedures during your consultation! We also invite you to explore our financial page for a look at our payment options.


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