A red first aid kit next to a white tooth to indicate a dental emergency in Denver, CO

Common Dental Emergencies

February 27, 2021 7:21 pm

Nobody likes to hear the word emergency, but you can be sure that, when it comes to your teeth, we’ve got you covered. To learn about some of the common dental emergencies that we treat at our office, keep on reading.

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth
  2. If a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, get to our office ASAP. In the meantime, handling the tooth only by its crown (chewing surface), gently clean the tooth with water or milk and insert it back into the socket. Hold it in place by biting down on some gauze. If you can’t do that, transport the tooth with you to the office in some milk. Similarly, if you haven’t fully lost a tooth, but you’ve got a loose tooth, call us right away.

  3. Cracked or Broken Tooth
  4. If you break a tooth, call us! While some breaks are simply small chips and may not seem urgent, you’ll want to visit us soon before the damage worsens or begins to cause pain. Bring the broken part of the tooth with you if that’s possible.

  5. Severe Pain or Swelling
  6. If you’re experiencing any severe, persistent, and unusual pain or swelling in the mouth, that’s another reason to make an emergency trip to the dentist. This pain and swelling could be a sign of something like an infection. Other things to look out for are dark red or sore gums and unusual and persistent bleeding.

Emergency Dentist in Denver, CO

We always have slots available to treat dental emergencies as they arise. So if you experience a dental emergency in Denver, CO, please call us immediately!


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