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Solutions for Common Denture Problems

Closeup of hands holding full dentures to replace missing teeth

Have you lost multiple permanent teeth? Partial or full dentures could be a great option to give you back a beautiful, full smile. While it can take some time getting used to dentures, the good news is there are solutions for common denture problems. Here are some tips!

Trouble with Chewing & Eating

After spending decades biting down and chewing food with your natural teeth, it can feel slightly odd to do it with dentures. Like with everything else, the easier it becomes the more you practice! Start off by eating small bites of soft foods. As you become more comfortable, ease into eating harder foods and larger bites that require more chewing.

Difficulty Speaking

You may not realize how much the position of your teeth affects speaking. If you’re new to dentures, you may find that some normal words are harder to pronounce since your tongue is having to move around your artificial teeth differently than it did before. Try privately reading aloud and singing to develop your confidence.

Dentures Slipping

Some dentures are held in place by suction and the work of the muscles in your mouth. It’s normal to deal with some slippage in the first weeks after you’ve gotten your dentures. If the problem continues and you can’t get the hang of it, ask your dentist about other options. Some patients use denture adhesive or have their dentures fixed in place with dental implants.

Consult with Our Team!

If you’re having a hard time getting used to dentures, please contact our team at Vero Dental in Denver, CO. We’d be happy to check the fit of your dentures and adjust them as necessary for your comfort. We can also give you more tips and tricks when it comes to caring for and wearing your dentures.


Tips for Effective Denture Care

Dentures sitting in a cup getting cleaned.

If you have dentures, do you know if you’re caring for them properly? Denture care is important to ensure safe and comfortable wear. We have some tips to help our patients get the most out of their dentures.

Remove After Eating

One of the most pivotal times when care for your dentures matters most is after eating. This is because food particles and bacteria have a tendency to cling to the dentures and cause problems with your oral health. After eating, remove the dentures and rinse them off. Do be careful when you clean your dentures so that you don’t drop and break them.

Handle with Care

The key to long lasting dentures is handling them with care. When you aren’t wearing your dentures, be careful not to drop them. Lay them on a towel, or fill the sink with water when you’re cleaning them. Don’t bend the dentures or harm the clasps while cleaning.

Clean Daily

Your dentures are in your mouth for much of the time each day, so you want them to be clean and fresh. This means they need to be cleaned regularly. On a daily basis, remember to take out your dentures and soak them. Then, use a soft bristled brush along with a dental cleaner to get them good and clean.

Prioritize Dental Health

Even with dentures, it’s important that you still clean your mouth, too. After you remove your dentures, use a soft toothbrush to clean your remaining natural teeth, tongue, cheeks, and mouth. There may be some lingering dental adhesive that you’ll need to target while you clean. And, of course, keep up with those regular visits to the dentist every six months.

Dentures in Denver, CO

Here at Vero Dental, we offer several restorative dental solutions, including full and partial dentures. If you’re interested in exploring one of these solutions, let’s get you in for a consultation. Give us a call or click the contact link below.


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